We are a realm that fulfills the desires of the gods. We are their bidding in immortal form. We work in concert with the deities for we are Avatars of their will. We represent the twelve gods in all matters of Order, Balance and Chaos.



PVP Focused

The Valarians will focus on PVP, if you are not interested in that but still wish to join we do ask that you participate in supporting The Realm with resources to this end.

RP Friendly, But Not Focused/Enforced

As long time tabletop and RPG players, The Valarians wish to be friendly to RP. Our VOIP (Platform TBD) calls will not have to be RP. Since we are focused on PVP, RP will not be enforced for efficiency reasons on calls. We will not shun you away if you do or don't wish to participate.

Veterans of Gaming

The Valarians are a close group that have been gaming for decades and wish to expand our ranks. We have played nearly every MMO under the sun and feel Crowfall has a lot of promise. We are very excited to game with you and win for The Realm!

New Exalted Blood:

We are not some mega guild with a thousand members, nor is that necessarily our end goal. We are simply players who have the resources to house hundreds of the most dedicated players and exalted. We may grow to be the biggest guild on the server, but this will be driven by you.

Guild Community Focused:

A lot of guilds say this, its like a check mark for advertising. However, since we are a new realm with a large abundance of resources (see below) we wish to have everything decided by the most dedicated team mates. From our hierarchy to how we manage the website will be community decided. This early in development, much like Crowfall, the community gets a say in our growth and operation. The Divinities (leaders) will have the final word working along with The Conclave, however we will always have an open ear.

We Are NOT

We Are Not A Drama Tolerant Community

We don't care how drama starts in video games or what breeds them in MMO's. Politics are a part of this game, that we understand. However, we have no qualms kicking those destroying the fun of the game for everyone else due to infighting, out-of game issues, backroom dealing and other nonsense. We have zero tolerance for it.

We Are Not A Mega Guild:

As mentioned above, we are not a mega guild from the 90's and don't wish to impress you based on our tenure. What we do have are resources (see below) and the willingness to cooperate and have fun with members. Will we become a huge realm in Crowfall? Perhaps with your help we will be. Perhaps you can help make that happen.



Resources a plenty

Multiple Ruby and Sapphire Level Backers

The Valarians are few for now, but their rankings are high. We have multiple Ruby and Sapphire level members. Meaning we have a mass of resources, plots and other items to benefit you, the members. As we grow, we may attempt to grab an even higher backer level through non-mandatory donations. This however, like many things will be decided by the members.

Participation Point System

We believe those that join, whether new or old, should be able to benefit from our resources. Based on the amount you help The Realm, it helps back. Whether its in PVP or supporting our PVP through EK crafting, we may reward items such as low or free taxed lots, more benefits in the community and other items as we learn more about the game. The more you support and help The Realm's goals the more you should be rewarded. This system will be vetted by our members and voted on.

VOIP Communication

We have a VOIP server and are interested in meeting members. We have the resources for anything else we need as a guild as well. We also wish to play games with our members prior to Crowfalls release, no point in waiting to have fun together!

Forums Are Live!

We have a forum, quite like any guild. But we created it sooner then anticipated due to our growth. This is great news and look forward to talking to other team mates on it. Please drop by and say hello!

Anything Else?

Being a member of a team with resources, you should choose on what else we need to make our time together the best. Let us know what else we need and we can look into it or group together to make it happen!